Adoro Te Devote Irish wire harp video for St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Middlebury, VT

Here is my first full wire harp music video offering for St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church where George is organist. I’ve been producing weekly videos for them all summer during the Covid-19 lockdown on George’s YouTube channel, in addition to recording him on piano and pipe organ for the incredibly popular (and successful!) online hymn contest run by church member Jim Pugh. It’s like football fantasy meets hymnology, GarageBand and daily SurveyMonkey. Go Jim!

Here is my YouTube text:

“Sherri Matthew plays her arrangement of the Gregorian chant Adoro Te Devote on her Irish wire-strung Triplett Luna harp, with scenes of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Middlebury, Vermont and Brandon, VT’s autumn morning mists.

This Eucharistic Gregorian chant by Thomas Aquinas is seen in the Roman Catholic Liber Usualis in (medieval) neume notation with its Latin text. Sherri arranges and records chant for wire harp. Her 2014 CD Vox Celeste featured eight tracks of well-known Gregorian chants.

Jasmine Kitty makes a brief surprise visit in the middle of the video, wandering into Sherri’s studio during the recording session and adding her own feline style on her little rubber band harp! The video also features images of Sherri’s smaller cross-strung wire harp Esabelle, built by Stoney End Harps of Red Wing, MN in 2015.”

Until the Covid-19 lockdown is lifted, the Zoom services and church videos will continue. My analog recording studio is holding up amazingly well… 30 year old+ Tascam reel tape machines are incredibly durable and have stood up to daily usage with no glitches. We found that recording the wire harps and George’s carillon at Middlebury College (before the no campus visitors policy was instituted) did not record well to digital… both are metallic acoustic instruments and the digital recording medium rendered them very harsh. I’ve been transferring George’s carillon music to tape and working with it there, as well as doing all of my harp recording on half inch multitrack tape, with mix down to quarter inch tape. We haven’t had any degradation in quality when converting it to usable material for the web. It takes longer but we feel it’s worth it.

Sherri's recording studio

Sherri’s recording studio

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