New Harp Videos! Keeping busy...

I haven’t been posting to my blog much lately… because I’ve been busy recording! And making videos. Tons of them. Below are several to get you started.

Here’s Jasmine Kitty and me on our respective harps, me on my Stoney End Esabelle wire cross-strung and Jazzie on her cardboard kit Fireside harp from Backyard Music. Tony Kitty sits in the foreground watching us.

Jasmine has gotten to the point that she goes out to the kitchen for a Fancy Feast snack while I set up my equipment and then comes in for two or three takes when she senses that I’m ready. I haven’t made finished videos of all the trial runs we made. Some of them are quite funny! There is one test video where she turns and and yawns at the camera while I’m warming up! Maybe I’ll do something with that one…

Dr. George Fjeld is no longer with Brandon Medical Center here in Vermont. I’ve known George for a very long time, maybe 20 years? He is more than a family doctor, he is a good friend! And a fan of music! This one’s for you, George. Enjoy!

Lastly, I did these two videos for husband George Matthew’s church St. Stephen’s on the Green, Middlebury, Vermont where he is organist. They are dealing with a railroad construction project in the middle of town plus Covid-19 keeps the congregation from having in-person services. We’re doing a series of online church videos until the sanctuary can reopen to the public. No word from the Bishop yet on when that will happen.

But we’re thinking of recording some harp and carillon music for the congregation…

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