About Sherri

I play Irish wire-strung harp. Currently I’m recording Ukrainian folk music on my Stoney End Esabelle cross-strung harp for a friend in Lviv and making these available to her on YouTube, to support her and help her family get through the war. Also I’m planning on recording some Polish folk tunes, as I’m Polish-American.

George and I live with our four adopted rescue cats Jasmine, Toni, Daisy and Willow. They are ages 14 and 13.

I’m an advocate for animal welfare and responsible pet care, online and off. At least half of my website is devoted to info and links on adoption and special needs kitties.

On March 25, 2014 I released my first album after four years of studio recording work: Vox Celeste, an instrumental album of sacred melodies played on Irish harp over a background of lushly layered synthesizer, digitally sampled organ pipes and shimmering strings, with birdsong, water ripples and chimes woven throughout on some tracks.

I began playing the Irish wire-strung harp in 2007. I played my Triplett Luna on Vox Celeste and in February 2016 my new cross-strung wire harp was completed by Stoney End Harps. My third wire harp, a double-strung is being finished by Dan Speer of Argent Fox Harps.

My current harp interests include my ethnomusicologist husband George Matthew’s interests in global musics from South America, Mexico, Cuba, the African nation of Nigeria, and my own ancestry of Ireland and Poland. The Irish bodhran and various Cuban percussion instruments have found their way to my recording studio!

I also like to play stuff from O’Neill’s 1850 book of Irish fiddle tunes and the Dance Music of Ireland in a very jazzy style on my specially made wire cross-strung harp Esabelle, built by Stoney End Harps of Red Wing, MN in 2015.

Currently I play my harps at St. Thomas Episcopal in Brandon, VT for the Sunday morning service prelude and postlude. They are both tuned a half step lower than concert pitch standard (A 440, to prevent string breakage), so George transposes on the organ when he is accompanying me. I’m looking forward to playing Lady Marilyn double wire harp in church, which will tuned to the same reference pitch as the organ. Then I’ll be able to join in on the congregational hymns!



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