Creation Care Season & Feast of St. Francis

Creation Care Season & Feast of St. Francis

“But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!” (Amos 5: 24) Culling, Curfews and Caps: Australia ‘Declares War’ on Its Cat Problem A departure from my usual posts here on liturgical harp. May we pray and seek to defend God’s creatures and His Creation from cruel and unnecessary predation by […]

Irish Wire Harp at Communion

Irish Wire Harp at Communion Source of Melody...

My favorite time to play my harp during Sunday morning church service is at Communion. At our church, members are invited to come up and gather in a circle around the altar after our priest elevates the Host, breaks it and begins to distribute it to each in turn, saying: “The Body of Christ, the […]

My Paraguayan Harp

My Paraguayan Harp Mi Arpa Paraguaya

Here is my Paraguayan harp. It actually belongs to my husband George Matthew Jr., who bought it at a church fundraiser some years ago when he was living in CT. I’ve done some research on it and discovered it was built by Adelio Ovelar of Asunción, Paraguay sometime in the early 1980’s. It was my […]

Sacred vs. Secular

Sacred vs. Secular (and music that really doesn't work for me...)

Let me open this post by clearing the air (as it were), by noting first it’s been a while since my last post – April of this year to be exact. We’ve had some rough weather here in Vermont with the floods and the wildfire smoke and that hasn’t exactly been conducive to thoughtful writing. […]

Українські Великодні Піснеспіви

Українські Великодні Піснеспіви Ukrainian Easter Hymns

Accompanying my recent collection of Polish Easter hymns, here’s a comparable set of Ukrainian hymns, 23 in total. I’ve loosely translated their titles and provided an index at the beginning. You can download this pdf collection and print them at the UPS Store and have them spiral bound, as I like to do, so they’ll […]

Polish Easter Hymns

Polish Easter Hymns My 5th collection available for download

Just in time for Easter, I’ve completed compiling a new collection of Polish language hymns from the Polish American Liturgical Center at Orchard Lake, Michigan. There are 22 hymns in this pdf document, along with an index and English translations of the titles. I had mine printed and spiral bound at UPS Store, with a […]

Polish Lenten Hymns

Polish Lenten Hymns My Fourth Polish Language Collection So Far

The grey days of Lent are here and it’s time to have some appropriate music to play on our harps that reflect that somber essence of this season in the liturgical calendar. Polish hymnody offers a wealth of melodies and texts suitable to the mood. I’ve collected a number of them, again from the Polish American Liturgical Center at […]

O Jesus The Most Holy

Yкраїнська Великий Пісні Ukrainian Lenten Hymns

I’ve been playing Polish hymns on Sunday morning for quite a while now, as preludes and Communion offerings. For the past several years I’ve been studying my heritage language and more recently, Polish history, right up to the late 19th century when my ancestors left the rural countryside and arrived in Buffalo, NY from Ellis […]

The harp I play each Sunday in the workshop of Argent Fox Harps, Kirkwood, IL. 
The harp on the right is for another customer.

About my harps St. Thomas & Grace Weekly Digest

Welcome to those of you who came here after clicking the link in our Weekly Digest! This is a WordPress blog I’ve been maintaining on and off and I hope to continue writing occasional material for our weekly church newsletter with a link to here if there’s interest. I’ve enjoyed playing my harps for you […]

King David plays his kinnor

King David’s Psalms What he might have actually played...

In my continuing research for interesting liturgical music to play on my three Irish wire-strung harps in church, I recently came across the work of the late French archaeomusicologist and organist Suzanne Haïk-Vantoura (1912-2000). She is best known for her book La Musique de la Bible revélée (1st ed.: 1976), a study in which the cantillation […]