Українські Великодні Піснеспіви Ukrainian Easter Hymns

Ukrainian Easter Hymns cover

Accompanying my recent collection of Polish Easter hymns, here’s a comparable set of Ukrainian hymns, 23 in total. I’ve loosely translated their titles and provided an index at the beginning. You can download this pdf collection and print them at the UPS Store and have them spiral bound, as I like to do, so they’ll lie flat on your music stand… and not wear out your home printer!

The melodies have not been harmonized and there are only one or two pieces with accidentals, so you won’t have to think about flipping levers on your harp. The hymns lend themselves well to harp arrangements and they range from the keys of Ab to A.

Alleluia hymn

This melody is easy enough for a beginner to play on a wire harp and also will work well on a nylon/gut Celtic harp. For an advanced player on either instrument, the hymn can be filled in with melismas and ornaments, as you see fit.