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Welcome to the WordPress section of www.sherrimatthew.com!

I’ve set this up so it’s a little easier to read and find things, and keep the site updated. Don’t worry, Jasmine and the kitty family aren’t going away on the main site; it’s just too complicated to redo that one so that it displays well on mobile devices and can have blogging features as well. (I’ve tried that and it didn’t work out too well…). So it’s better to leave it as it is: an old school desktop site with occasional news about my harp playing (plucking?) cat and a few “urgent needs, please donate here” to veterinary causes that come our way.

Here at the WordPress site I’m happy to be able to offer downloadable harp music arrangements, YouTube harp music videos, bibliographies of interesting reading and research material and anything else Celtic (& wire) harp-related that is easy to share and publish!

Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions. If there’s a particular season that’s meaningful to you and you would like to see a harp music arrangement to reflect on that time, please let me know! And do let me know about the harps you are playing so I can arrange Gregorian chant, etc. to accommodate your instrument well. This is an opportunity for me (and you!) to find out what works out best in the world of Celtic harp and Sacred music.


~ Sherri

Jasmine's Harp

Jasmine’s Harp

22 nylon strings (G – G) with F & C Loveland levers.
Cardboard kit harp by Backyard Music, New Haven, CT

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