The Episcopal Hymnal(s) 1916 to 1982

The Episcopal Hymnal(s) 1916 to 1982 arranged for wire harp

Currently I’m working on arranging selected hymns from the Episcopal Hymnals of 1916, 1940 and 1982 for my large Triplett Luna harp, for Sunday morning service use. Some hymns are in keys which are not friendly to my aging harp, which has been in the key of F (one flat) for as long as I […]

How to: Playing a Simple Melody

How to: Playing a Simple Melody Hymn tune: This is My Father's World

Here’s a brief recording of me playing the opening lines of “This is my Father’s World” (Terra Patris) on my Triplett Luna harp: For comparison, here is the original hymn in four parts. I transposed it to F so it would work better on my harp. Source: As you can see, I took just […]

New to the Wire Harp?

New to the Wire Harp? (non-historical wire-strung harp)

If you’ve just discovered the wire harp (or heard one being played), for starters it’s good to know that most folks in the overall world of harps (Classical, Celtic) tend to think of historical Irish wire-strung harp when this branch of the harp family comes up. That is, replica instruments of period harps made in […]

Crossing diatonic and chromatic wire strings.

Irish wire harp… cross-strung! Stoney End Esabelle

In 2015 my second Irish wire harp was built for me by Gary Stone of Stoney End Harps, Red Wing, MN. His Esabelle model is normally strung with nylon strings, and accordingly is lightly built. When I asked Gary to build this harp as a wire model, a lot of things needed to be changed […]

Green Mountain College, Poultney, VT

Green Mountain College, Poultney, VT Music and Faith

I was introduced to the harp at Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont, where I went to finish my music degree at the age of 35. I had attended SUNY Fredonia from 1987 to 1991 but did not finish my degree there. Fredonia was not the right choice for me, although I did study classical […]

Ukrainian folk music on Irish harp

Ukrainian folk music on Irish harp YouTube Video

Ukrainian folk melody played on Stoney End Esabelle, cross-strung wire harp.      

Harp Music for Ukraine

Harp Music for Ukraine Red Verburnum in the Meadow

Traditional Ukrainian folk music played on Irish wire-strung harp, Stoney End Esabelle (cross-strung).      

New Year, new WordPress!

New Year, new WordPress!

  Some housecleaning. Quite a few old posts taken down and some new ones on the way. More interesting stuff to come! Still waiting on wire harp #3. More later.