Adoro Te Devote

Adoro Te Devote Irish wire harp video for St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Middlebury, VT

Here is my first full wire harp music video offering for St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church where George is organist. I’ve been producing weekly videos for them all summer during the Covid-19 lockdown on George’s YouTube channel, in addition to recording him on piano and pipe organ for the incredibly popular (and successful!) online hymn contest run by […]

New Harp Videos!

New Harp Videos! Keeping busy...

I haven’t been posting to my blog much lately… because I’ve been busy recording! And making videos. Tons of them. Below are several to get you started. Here’s Jasmine Kitty and me on our respective harps, me on my Stoney End Esabelle wire cross-strung and Jazzie on her cardboard kit Fireside harp from Backyard Music. […]

This is My Father's World

This is My Father’s World Husband George Matthew Jr. plays hymn improvisations!

Here is something different from harps and cats: George plays hymn improvisations on his Kimball parlor grand piano for his church congregation, St. Stephen’s Episcopal, Middlebury, Vermont, where he is organist on their historic 1875 tracker Johnson pipe organ. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, church services cannot be held so I’ve been helping George make […]

Jasmine wonders where to start...

Gregorian Modes on the Irish Harp More discoveries about Medieval modes and our modern keys

I was a bit curious what other modern keys are appropriate to stand in for the other modes. I came across a PDF of the 1949 textbook Gregorian Chant Accompaniment by Eugene Lapierre, Université de Montréal, published by the Gregorian Institute of America, on the Corpus Christi Watershed website. This text is rather dense, compact […]

Triplett Luna harp with sharping blade set on Bb string, making it B natural.

Gregorian Mode -> What Key? Transposing a vocal chant to fit your lever harp

So my Triplett Luna has been tuned to the key of F Major for some time now. It has sharping blades on all the strings (which probably need to be adjusted in the shop at some point; they’re a little stiff). Anyway, having all the B strings tuned to Bb is convenient, because this way […]