Christmas is coming! 🎄

Christmas is coming! 🎄 Time to start learning carols on the harp now...

As you may have discovered by now, maybe from reading my last post on learning from pedal harp technique, I’m not exactly a conformist when it comes to the wire-strung harp! I do have a well-worn copy of O’Neill’s 1850 and these fiddle tunes are a lot of fun to play on the harp and lay […]

Pedal Harp Exercises for Wire Harp?

Pedal Harp Exercises for Wire Harp? Lots of great stuff there!

One of the perks of having a husband on the music faculty at Middlebury College is having library borrowing privileges. We hunt for interesting topics all the time using MIDCAT and check them out with George’s ID card or have library staff put them on reserve to pick them up later. One of the gems I […]

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