Jasmine Kitty is still plucking her little cardboard harp!
(and I keep borrowing it from her!)

April 2020 ~ Sherri's analog recording studio has finally completed restoration,
after many months of seeing the tape machines and other equipment sent out for servicing.
A major roof leak, kitty cat dust, and a year and a half away for parental care giving duties contributed a bit to need for a major overhaul!
(Plus some new gear added to the mix).

Also she's busy these days doing a few videos for husband George, organist of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Middlebury, VT
as they start doing church services online amid Vermont's lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19.

You can visit George's St. Stephen's YouTube channel here: George Matthew
(and Jasmine even makes an appearance! Meowza!)

Jasmine would also like her visitors to make a quick stop over to the
No Kill Advocacy Center
and find out how states across the U.S.
(and worldwide) are successfully adopting a No Kill animal sheltering strategy!

10/26/2019: the new WordPress harp site is up and running!
Check it out at New Harp Music Site.
Bookmark and visit often for pdf Celtic harp scores!

And Jasmine will still be right here at the old site... meow!