Jasmine Kitty enjoys her Fancy Feast, harps of all kinds and trying to get Sherri to move it along in the recording studio.
Some days she can be really slow... humans (!)

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New! First Sunday of Advent harp video. More to come!

Sherri Matthew plays her Irish wire strung harp Triplett Luna: an improvised arrangement of the Gregorian Introit Ad te Levavi for the first Sunday in Advent. The theme throughout the video is petition through prayer, rising through the mist of incense to God the Father, who hears all our unspoken thoughts. His promise to us is continual and forthcoming in Advent, supporting us in times of grief and surrounding us with cause to hope.

Sherri is working on her second harp release since 2014's Vox Celeste:
Harpe Grégorienne (2021).

You can read details about it by visiting her WordPress Blog:

More news as it develops.

Also she's busy these days doing weekly videos for husband George Matthew Jr.,
organist of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Middlebury, VT
as they present church services online amid Vermont's lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19.
More harp videos on the way!

At the request of Middlebury College President Laurie Patton, George is now playing the Mead Chapel carillon every day for a half hour starting at 12:30 pm. A schedule of the day's repertoire can be found here at the Scott Center's chaplain's webpage.

Christmas Videos!!

Featuring the historic 1875 Johnson tracker pipe organ of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Middlebury, Vermont, played by George Matthew Jr. Maintained by Stephen Russell Organ Co., Chester, VT. Pre-pandemic, this instrument was regularly played each week in Sunday services at St. Stephen's and is now featured in weekly Sunday morning Zoom services for the prelude and postlude.

Here is the week's harp video for Sunday, October 25:

Sherri Matthew plays her arrangement of the Gregorian chant Adoro Te Devote on her Irish wire-strung Triplett Luna harp, with scenes of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Middlebury, Vermont and Brandon, VT's autumn morning mists.

This Eucharistic Gregorian chant by Thomas Aquinas is seen in the Roman Catholic Liber Usualis in (medieval) neume notation with its Latin text. Sherri arranges and records chant for wire harp. Her 2014 CD Vox Celeste featured eight tracks of well-known Gregorian chants.

Jasmine Kitty makes a brief surprise visit in the middle of the video, wandering into Sherri's studio during the recording session and adding her own feline style on her little rubber band harp! The video also features images of Sherri's smaller cross-strung wire harp Esabelle, built by Stoney End Harps of Red Wing, MN in 2015.

Finally, Jasmine would also like her visitors to make a quick stop over to the
No Kill Advocacy Center
and find out how states across the U.S.
(and worldwide) are successfully adopting a No Kill animal sheltering strategy!