Jasmine Kitty is still plucking her little cardboard harp!
(and I keep borrowing it from her!)

Jasmine and all of us said goodbye to Wenonah Kitty on December 12, 2019.
She was 16 years old and died from sudden cardiac failure.
She was an alumna of Springfield, VT Humane Society.

You can support their work here.

Jasmine would also like her visitors to make a quick stop over to the
No Kill Advocacy Center
and find out how states across the U.S.
(and worldwide) are successfully adopting a No Kill animal sheltering strategy!

10/26/2019: the new WordPress harp site is up and running!
Check it out at New Harp Music Site.
Bookmark and visit often for pdf Celtic harp scores!

And Jasmine will still be right here at the old site... meow!